Golf is the most expensive game in the world as the accessories used in the game are quite extravagant. The game is usually played by millionaires from all around the world. The game involves a unique set of rules which we are going to discuss later on. With that being said, today we are going to discuss a popular golf family known as American Golf that has been providing courses, and training to manage your own golf empire and sells products which are related to golf. Moreover, the site is quite old and has certainly made a name for itself in the golf industry. So, without further ado, let’s now learn more about American golf, its history, the products they are selling and the services they have been providing to its customers.

The History Behind American Golf

American golf came into existence about 50 years ago and since then the site has grown towards innovation and has become the most well-known brand around the world. The secret behind their goodwill is their unmatched expertise in the golf industry. Over the course of 50 years, American golf has been offering more than 325 golf courses and is the owner of 70 facilities all over the United States.

The success of American Golf didn’t just happen overnight. In fact, American golf has not only hustled through its hard work but has also invested millions of dollars to keep its clients happy. Besides this, the site has made itself flexible enough to move around according to the ongoing market condition. So, if you are someone who is desperately looking to make a name for himself in the golf industry and wants to reach your goals by creating your own golf empire then I would recommend you to head to their website and register yourself!

5 Amazing Facts About Golf That You Probably Didn’t Know

1)The Only Sport To Be Played In The Space

This might surprise you but golf is the only sport which was played on the moon. Many years ago, an astronaut named Alan Shepherd went to the moon along with a ball and a modified rod that could be easily used in space. When he landed on the moon, he placed the metal rod and played golf for a couple of hours. What’s more surprising is that those golf balls are still present on the moon!

2)The Infamous Shark Lake Incident

The Carbrook Golf Club near Brisbane, Australia got flooded in the ’90s as it’s really near the ocean. Nonetheless, the entire golf club was severely damaged wasting millions of dollars in the process. Moreover, when the water receded back once the pressure of it got lower, dozens of sharks were found dead on its land.

3)Olympic Golf

Golf was featured in 1900 and 1904 but didn’t ever become a part again of the Olympics until 2016. This occurred due to the protest of all golf players from around the world who boycotted the sport for some time, leaving the only competitor, George Lyon who won the gold medal but refused to accept it due to the lack of competition.

4)Unusual Skin Of The Ball

Have you ever wondered why a golf ball is filled with dimples? The answer is quite scientific as the ball with dimples has better aerodynamics and travels faster than a regular plain ball. In fact, researches show that dimpled golf balls travel 300-500 meters more than regular ball.

5)Golf Was Once Banned

Did you know that golf was once banned? It was interfering in the training of Scotland’s military archery training. King James II banned it in 1457 but the ban was lifted in 1502 when Scotland signed the Treaty of Perpetual Peace with England.

Products And Services That American Golf Is Offering

Public Golf Courses

As I said before, golf is a very expensive game and only people with an overwhelming amount of money can afford to take courses at golf clubs. However, American golf has made your dream come true as you can now try on their public courses that could easily fit into your budget. The site claims to offer practice areas, golf shops, driving ranges, and food & beverage options. Apart from this, you can find these courses in almost all regions of the United States. However, you must book yourself in advance to get their membership.

A Tour Of Country Club

If we talk about American golf country club, the place is a dream world that has almost everything you could think of. So, if you are a fan of playing golf and are on a mission to spend your holidays at a country club with your family then going to American Golfs country club should be your main priority. Where you can enjoy playing golf, while your family can enjoy other luxuries such as swimming pools, dining rooms, fitness gyms and spas to get refreshed. However, due to such facilities being offered, this package is quite expensive and is affordable for people who are willing to spend more.

Customized Golf Balls

Now, I am sure that you must have heard about golf balls but have you ever heard about customized golf balls? That’s right! Now you can buy yourself some customized golf balls that you can personalize according to your preference. You can order these balls online, safely and securely. However, it might take 7-14 days to get your product delivered to your doorstep.

Golf Gift Card

If you have a friend, spouse or anyone dear to you, who is a fan of golf then surprise them with a golf gift card. This card might seem ordinary to you but what’s hidden inside is green fees, range balls, lessons, merchandise, food and beverages at a discounted price while participating in one of their courses. However, the golf gift card is only available within a specific time after which you cannot access the facilities involved in your card which is a major drawback. But other than this factor, the card is the key to your treasure.