Makeup is a great way to enhance your natural beauty and bring out your best features. Whether you`re going for a natural or full glam look, there are a few key steps to ensure that your makeup lasts all day and gives you an ever-glow look.

While getting an ever-glowing look is a dream for many, it can not be achieved without the help of much-needed beauty tools. So, you can pull off any look when you have the right products and follow the correct procedure. 

In this blog post, we`ll go over the makeup regimen you can follow to achieve an ever-glow look that lasts. We will also be shedding light on some products hand-picked by our editors during a shopping spree at Lookfantastic

Step 1: Start With A Clean Slate

Before you start applying makeup, it`s essential to start with a clean face. This means washing your face with a gentle cleanser and then applying a toner to remove any excess dirt and oil. Once your face is clean, apply a moisturizer to hydrate your skin and create a smooth surface for your makeup. With so many available options, you should get your hands on the most suitable product. After a survey conducted by our editors, they concluded that the Hydrating Cleanser by Cerave is the most popular amongst beauty enthusiasts.


Step 2: Apply Primer

A primer is an essential step in any makeup routine. It helps to smooth out your skin`s texture and create a base for your makeup to adhere to. Apply a pea-sized amount of primer to your entire face and blend it with your fingers or a makeup brush. You can also use a glowy finish primer to add extra radiance to your skin.

Step 3: Apply Foundation

The foundation is the base of any look you want to pull off, so choosing a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly is important. You can apply foundation using a makeup sponge or brush and blend it towards your hairline and neck. If you want extra coverage, you can build the foundation where you need it most, such as around your nose and chin. Here is what we recommend.


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Step 4: Conceal Imperfections

Concealer is a great way to cover any imperfections, such as dark circles, blemishes, or redness. Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it with a small brush or fingers. Blend it outwards towards the edges to create a seamless finish.

Step 5: Set with Powder

To ensure that your makeup lasts all day, it`s essential to set it with a powder. Choose a powder that matches your skin tone and apply it using a large, fluffy brush. Focus on the areas where you get oily, such as your T-zone.

Step 6: Add a Touch of Color

Now that your base makeup is done, it`s time to add some colour to your face. Start with a blush, which adds a natural flush to your cheeks. Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend it upwards towards your temples. You can also add some bronzer to your cheekbones and forehead to create a sun-kissed glow. We have hunted down a blush for you. You can check it out below. Although it is a suggestion, you may already have a favourite. Do tell us in the comments about the bush you use.


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Step 7: Highlight Your Features

A Highlighter is an essential step in any ever-glow makeup look. It adds a radiant glow to your skin and helps to accentuate your features. Apply a highlighter to the high points of your face, such as your cheekbones, brow bone, and nose tip.

Step 8: Define Your Brows

Defined brows frame your face and create a polished look. Fill in your brows using a brow pencil or powder and blend it outwards using a spoolie brush. You can also add a clear brow gel to set your brows in place.

Step 9: Add Some Definition to Your Eyes

You don`t need to go overboard with eye makeup for an ever-glow makeup look. Apply a neutral eyeshadow shade to your eyelids and blend it upwards towards your crease. You can also add some mascara to your lashes to make them look fuller and longer. 


Step 10: Finish with a Setting Spray

To ensure that your makeup lasts all day, finish your makeup look with a setting spray. A setting spray helps to lock in your makeup and prevent it from smudging or fading.