Here is excellent news for anybody planning a trip to Europe this summer: low-cost flights are consistently available.

Suppose you know where to search, though. Today, the average roundtrip ticket from the United States to Europe costs around $800, with some peak summer fares routinely surpassing $1,000. But be aware that there is an alternative before you use your credit card. Some of the best American airports for finding low-cost transatlantic flights have already been identified. But the same is true across the pond: Flying into some European cities is frequently less expensive, primarily on Skyscanner.

These locations, with roundtrip airfares under $500, and sometimes even under $300, are well worth a journey, from the Emerald Isle to the Iberian Peninsula, up to Scandinavia and back. But it would be a good idea to board one of these flights even if they aren`t on your radar.

Given the meager cost of flights within Europe, you could take a cheap long-haul flight, continue to your final destination, and still come out ahead.

That is correct! All you have to do is get there. Following that, the world is your oyster. Therefore, booking a flight from the United States to Rome (FCO) is not the best option to visit Rome this year. Look at flights to Madrid (MAD) and Lisbon (LIS) since they may cost half as much to get you there. So, let`s look at those locations with affordable flights and start making travel arrangements.



Dublin (DUB) is the ideal location to locate a cheap ticket and begin a European vacation, thanks to the nation`s flag carrier Aer Lingus and competition from the major American airlines and ultra-low-cost European carriers.

This airfare offer was an absolute steal. Dublin tickets for less than $600 are available at Skyscanner. These prices often cost tourists $700 or $750 to get to Dublin.

It would be great if Dublin is on your list. Even if it isn`t, you may reserve a low-cost roundtrip ticket like this, stay there for a few days to explore, and then continue to Europe.

And not only low-cost airlines. Recall how we brought up Aer Lingus. That wasn`t just a ruse. The Irish airline operates nonstop flights.

This transaction demonstrates Ireland`s status as a first-choice hall-of-famer for locating inexpensive flights to Europe. Nonstop itineraries from Aer Lingus may creep up into the $600s and $700s, but they frequently run significant discounts like this one all year. But give me a moment to indulge in some luxury as well. 



You did read that correctly. Even though these countries may have a reputation for having expensive flights, prices drop in places like Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

All of this has been made possible by the competitiveness of a few airlines, including SAS, Norse Atlantic, Icelandair, and even Finnair. Norway has recently been highly affordable. The Nordic airlines have a little more difficulty with summer availability, but planning your trip for late spring or early autumn might result in significant discounts.    

A few months ago, tickets to Oslo, Norway (OSL) from throughout the United States were offered for under $400. While prices have recently decreased for flights to Norway, you can also frequently find absurdly low-cost flights to Helsinki (HEL).

Generally speaking, depending on where in North America a traveler originates, flights to Scandinavia can cost between $700 and $800. However, these airlines regularly run significant sales on their routes. You can save a lot of money if you`re prepared to strike!

Additionally, connecting from these Scandinavian nations to the rest of Europe is simple and affordable thanks to low-cost airlines like SAS and Norwegian.   



Almost anywhere in Europe may be reached for less money if you can travel cheaply to Spain. Fortunately for you, finding inexpensive flights to Spain is not difficult.

Madrid (MAD) Even though this meager cost is for December travel, Madrid (MAD) is still a fantastic airport for summertime trips. This 50% discount was a windfall for Premium customers in North Dakota, as a trip from Fargo (FAR) to MAD often costs $800 or more.

Spain frequently has the lowest airfares in the entire continent. Every airline flies to several airports nationwide, and the absurdly inexpensive Iberia tickets always result in brisk business.

Your most significant opportunity for a cheap summer fare right now will be in late August or early September, much like the other inexpensive European attractions. But it will save you hundreds of dollars if you aim for those weeks on the calendar.



You can thank Skyscanner for the consistently low rates we find in the stunning coastline nation whether or not you travel with them.

Portugal is a beautiful country, but Lisbon (LIS) or Porto (OPO) would be the ideal starting or ending point for a cheap journey to Europe.

With shallow flights to Portugal starting at just $411, this airline bargain offers savings of between $200 and $300 over typical cost levels.

With Skyscanner, you can quickly go anywhere at the cheapest rates available.