Modern-day technology has allowed people to enjoy their lives by coming out of the box. While there are plenty of gaming consoles in the market, the new VR technology takes you into a fantasy world with your friends where you can relive different animated scenarios. However, selecting a VR store is a challenge in itself, especially, if you are doing this for the first time. You have to follow a series of processes like booking the tickets and prepayments. Whereas, if we talk about the park playground it allows you to step into an unforgiven world of your choice by conveniently booking tickets according to the time of your choosing. Speaking of which, let’s now learn what VR is all about and how the park playground is offering something different from other VR stores, we will also be discussing the VR games you could play at the park playground. So, without wasting any more time, let’s now get straight down to business!

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is basically the simulation of a 3-dimensional world or any other animated environment. VR takes an end user through a software-generated environment which then emits electrical impulses through an interactive device that are then converted into useful information packets by VR accessories such as goggles, headsets, gloves and body suits. In other words, when a user attaches an accessory to himself the signals are interpreted by the device creating a false reality which then tracks user movements and allows him to move freely into an open fantasy world. The foundation of VR was laid back in the early 1950s. However, developers started carrying out tests and research back in 1987 until it finally came into existence about a couple of years ago. So, it’s clear that VR did not evolve overnight, it required tremendous hard work and hustle to step up to the modern world.

What Is The Park Playground All About?

The site offers you productive 60-minute virtual reality gameplay. The first 30 minutes are featured with mini-games to warm you up for the main course! Besides this, the site offers you 30 minutes with a game of your choice on a wireless playing field. But if you are not ready to go for the big one, you can play any mini-game for 15 minutes casually.

The park playground is the only site that allows over 20 people to play together on a wireless playing field. And also offers customized food and drinks for everyone. However, most games contain jump scares that could really affect children below the age of 16, hence most games on the park playground require an age limit of 16 or above. Hang on children, I have some good news for you too as the park playground has recently introduced some new games which are for children who fall below the age of 16. I am impressed by the way the site has got all its customers covered up, there’s no secret how they have gained popularity in just a short amount of time.

Best Wireless Playing Fields At The Park Playground

Try Not To Go Crazy While Playing Don’t Scream

If you are someone who is up for something spooky then you shall step into the world of William Boeva, an evil genius who is ready to lock your fragile soul in a world of 3D simulation. Don’t scream is a 60- minute gameplay that requires at least 6 players in order to experience it fully, not only will it scare you but I assure you that it would also drive you nuts as the game is filled with various jump scares and surprises.

The Hallow Vr

The game takes you back to the early 18th century when people used to live in silent places that existed in the middle of nowhere. The game is only suggested for people who have the drive to go for something out of the box, be prepared for your heart to pound a lot faster, just remember one thing before you start the game if you go out of Ammo, run! (The game is only for adults as it contains disturbing visuals and horror scenes).

The Snitch Vr

Are you a fan of the real-life TV show “DE MOL” or do you just want something exciting and adventurous to be done alongside your friends? Either way, the snitch takes you into a world of adventure and exciting levels. The best part about this game is that people of all ages can play this game. Try not to get eliminated in the earlier levels as you can get eliminated after which you cannot continue until the game is over.

The Heist Vr

The game really tests your IQ in many ways as you are assigned to a virtual SWAT team that must unravel the mystery which exists in the Fides bank headquarters. There are several hostages held by the enemies you must kill within the time limit or else you will get eliminated while you are on the field. This is the only game that supports a huge number of people at the same time. So, the next time you feel like going out with a couple of friends, do try one of the best simulation games on their site.

Mission Planet X Vr

If you are someone who loves living in a fantasy world of your own where almost anything is possible then I would suggest you play the new mission planet x which is the park playground exclusive. The game starts with you being a member of a troop that is the earth’s last hope. Your target is to kill every alien, you see while looking for the secret energy source that can exterminate all aliens and could bring everything back to normal. The booking of the game is now available at a discounted price due to the ongoing winter season; besides, you can also subscribe to the site`s newsletters in order to avail a list of compelling deals and discounts.