Simply because you`re spending Valentine`s Day at home doesn`t mean you have to continue your usual schedule. In essence, dining in your house alone with your partner might be more romantic than dining at an expensive restaurant.

 A sophisticated Valentine`s Day tablescape will create the right ambience for an intimate, romantic evening. Sur la Table brings you its most enticing valentine`s day limited edition. Its red and white heart shape kitchen and dinner table essentials are unique designs and perfect to set your dinner table.

Sur la Table makes an extra effort to bring an extravagant valentine`s day vibe to your place. With its salad plate sets, coffee mugs, table mats, heart-shaped cooking pots, spatula and many more things.

Here is the list of products one needs to grab before the offer expires and you are left with the same old utensils for your big day with your loved one.

Sur La Table Valentine`s Day Salad Plates, Set Of 4:

This plate set is designed under the valentine`s day theme in red and white, with hearts printed on them. The collection of salad plates, with a lovely pattern, symbolizes love. These plates are made of durable earthenware and are microwave and dishwasher-safe.

·         Material: Earthenware

·         Dimensions: 0.82" H x 8.75 diameter

·         Manufacture in China.


Sur La Table Valentine`s Day Cupid Mug, 8 Oz:

Enjoy a hot cocoa drink in this adorable mug with a heart and Cupid motif. This mug was made of strong earthenware and is suitable for the microwave and dishwasher.

·         Design: Earthenware

·         Dimensions: 4.29" long, 3.18" wide, and 3.42" high.

·         Chinese made


Sur La Table Valentine`s Day Cork Placemats, Set Of 4

With the collection of four placemats featuring Valentine`s motifs, you can add a festive touch to your table setting. Cork backing prevents sliding and scratching, and the smooth surface is simple to clean.

·         Materials: Cork, paper, and MDF.

·         Dimensions: 11.63" long by 15.5" wide

·         Produced in China.

Sur La Table Love Letter Spatula

This spatula will bring some love to your collection of culinary tools. Love letters and hearts are ink-printed on the silicone head of this spatula, and the pattern is long-lasting and won`t chip or fade even after frequent usage. It scrapes bowls clean, leaving nothing behind, thanks to its curved head and squared edges. The wooden, ergonomic handle`s comforting and familiar grip combines design and practicality.

Heart-Shaped Egg & Pancake Mold

Use this collection of Mold to make heart-shaped eggs, pancakes, and other morning foods. You may make a heart-shaped breakfast by simply setting the moulds on the grill, pouring eggs or batter into them, and then lifting them out when they are finished. Each silicone mould is created without BPA and is secure for use in the dishwasher and stove.


·         Beechwood and silicone as materials

·         12.78"L by 2.5"W by.75"H in size

·         Chinese made


Le Creuset Figural Heart Cocotte, 1.25 Qt:

Enjoy a special event or Valentine`s Day with this Le Creuset cocotte with a figural heart. Cast iron heats up quickly, making it ideal for simmering without burning or overheating—a tight-fitting lid seals in heat and moisture for delicate, delectable results. Loop handles offer a firm hold when moving a full pot from the cooktop to the Table.

·         Material: Enamelled cast iron

·         Dimensions: 10" L x 7.5" W x 5.5" H

·         Capacity: 1.25qt

·         Manufactured in France.

Sur La Table Valentine`s Day Heart Flour Sack Towel

You may add romance to your linen collection with this flour sack towel with hearts. The very absorbent and simple-to-clean cotton material is ideal for mopping up spills.

·         Material: Cotton

·         Dimensions: 30" L x 20" W

·         Made in India.

Sur La Table Valentine`s Day Heart Pot Holder

With this adorable pot holder with a Valentine`s Day motif, you can protect your hands and dining room tables from scorching pots. Cotton clothing may be easily cleaned by machine washing.

·         Textile: Cotton

·         Size: 9" long by 9" wide

·         Produce in India

Le Creuset L’Amour Soup Pot, 2.75 Qt:

This pot`s slanted sides encourage simple, efficient stirring and continuous movement, making it perfect for boiling homemade vegetable stock or soup, gently constructing rich cream bases, and more. The efficient heating of cast iron makes it ideal for simmering without burning or overheating, and the lid`s tight fit traps heat and moisture for delicate, delectable results. Loop handles offer a firm hold when moving a full pot from the cooktop to the Table. This festive pot gives a beautiful touch of traditional French beauty to your kitchen or Table with its heart decorations and lovely gold knob.

Dash Express Heart Waffle Maker

With the Dash Express Heart Waffle Maker, you can make delicious waffles in the form of hearts at home! The waffle maker produces wonderfully cooked waffles in only a few minutes thanks to its rapid and consistent heating. In addition to making waffles, the Waffle Maker can make hash browns in the shape of hearts and waffled cookies, among other things. Its dual non-stick surfaces prevent adhering, so waffles lift cleanly. The eight ′′ heart-shaped waffle cooked by the Express Heart Waffle Maker is tasty and ideal for special events. Make delectable goodies that everyone will enjoy, whether for anniversaries, Valentine`s Day, or family fun.